want to know moreLeaseInfo clients can negotiate with confidence because they know exactly what they’re getting into, thanks to the rich stream of data we provide. Our data-gathering process is transparent and we are proudly independent.

By expertly gathering and analysing thousands of detailed data sources, we maintain an unparalleled database from which we can draw out the precise information you need, whenever you need it.

The information is presented in an easy to use, easy to search, mobile-friendly format. It is updated and accurate, giving you exactly what you need to save time and money both now and into the future. In fact, our clients tell us that on average they reduce costs by 10 percent using our data.


Advanced Data Sorting

You can sort and search for leases by suburb, retailer or multiple retailer, centre type, level, size, usage, rent/m² , MAT, landlord, lessee or expiry date.


Access data anywhere anytime on the device of your choice.

Update all your data on the move

Exportable Data

You can easily export the data to a spreadsheet or PDF file for further analysis, ordering or comparison.

Mapping Integration

To assist visualisation, 2D centre mapping is integrated into our data, with centre mapping along with floor plans.

Lease Data & Maps Products

Whatever your data needs, we have a product to suit. Purchase one-off reports as required or save with a subscription that allows you to generate as many reports as you wish over one, two or three years.

Subscriptions come in various configurations, depending on whether you’re monitoring one retail area or more and whether you have one intended user or more.



Why Can You Trust Our Data?

Other providers collect second-hand data through informal networks. We reject that approach. In fact, LeaseInfo is passionate about achieving total transparency in the Australian leasing marketplace.

Here’s the LeaseInfo difference:

  • We purchase the majority of our data from Land Titles Offices in order to ensure complete accuracy.
  • We use our own proprietary technology to scan and read leases; the data is double-checked by our operations team, then triple-checked by team managers.
  • Our team consists of highly skilled researchers who have legal valuation and economic training.
  • Our constant updates mean data remains current.
  • Fully Australian owned and operated, we are the country’s only independent retail-lease data company.


Lease Data & Maps Inclusions
Product Description Centre Data Mapping Additional Users Copies of Leases
Individual Lease Single lease download N N N 0
Deal Checker One off download of 10 comparable leases in a single strip/centre N N N 0
Centre Checker
(discount available)
One off access to all data in a single strip/centre
(Mapping if available)
Y Y 1 0
STATE (NSW,QLD) Annual access to all our data in our system for NSW and QLD Y Y 3 10
STATE (ACT) Annual access to all our data in our system for ACT Y Y 3 10
RETAIL CORE Annual access to all data in our system Y Y 5 20
CORPORATE Annual access to all our data in our system incl. MAPS Y Y 10 50
ENTERPRISE Same as corporate except for large landlords e.g. Westfield Y Y 20 50
MY PORTFOLIO Ability to input own records and manage inportant lease information Y N N N


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What is an online lease report?
It’s a report that draws on our database to produced summarised information based on your criteria. You can access the reports on computer or mobile device, and sort the data by centre type, level, size, usage, rent/m² , MAT, landlord, lessee or expiry date. Reports can be printed directly from our site or downloaded as a spreadsheet or PDF for further analysis.
What does the report tell me?
Where does LeaseInfo source its lease information?
How accurate is the data?
How are leases registered?
How are CPI rent reviews calculated?
Can I get lease data for centres and strips you don’t currently cover?
Can I order a copy of the lease?
Can I print a report?
Who can access LeaseInfo data?
How do I export data to a spreadsheet?
Which retail centres do you cover?