Leasing Information Systems is Australia’s premier provider of retail-leasing services, including data, analytics and consultancy. We bring insight and transparency into the Australian retail-leasing market.

The LeaseInfo Story

LeaseInfo was founded in 2005 by Simon Fonteyn, whose vision was to achieve complete transparency in the Australian retail-leasing sector. Simon was enthused, not deterred, by the fact that his was the first company to set this ambitious goal.

From the beginning, the LeaseInfo mission statement has been:

  • To be the largest online provider of retail data in Australia
  • To create total transparency in all the markets we cover
  • To empower our clients and support their business needs
  • To provide excellence in customer service, delivered by a highly-trained property and research team

Our Successes



The Future of LeaseInfo

LeaseInfo’s future is as a digital ecosystem, in which retail and other commercial data is integrated as part of a rich knowledge platform.



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