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IFRS 16 / AASB 16 Lease Capitaliser

Lease Capitaliser automatically restates assets and liabilities for each lease within your portfolio, generates depreciation schedules and prepares journal entries on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

The incoming IFRS/AASB 16 accounting standard presents finance departments with a significant workload of restating assets and liabilities for each lease every time a CPI increase or market rent review occurs. Lease Capitaliser performs these calculations and generates the necessary depreciation schedules, all of which can be exported to your financial system as a journal entry.

Lease Capitaliser has been developed in partnership with leading Chartered Accountants and includes the following features:

  • Full product training to empower you to manage your portfolio
  • Sydney-based helpdesk
  • Customisable portfolio reporting, including standard templates
  • Designed specifically for property, vehicle and equipment leases
  • Restatement of assets and liabilities based on CPI and market rent reviews
  • Ability to customise to retrospective and cumulative catch-up methods of adoption
  • Prepares entries for journaling on a daily, monthly and yearly basis
  • Ability to set discount rates at portfolio, country, company and lease levels
  • Capitalises incentives, indirect leasing costs and make good obligations
  • Accounts for rent free periods
  • Adjusts for percentage of contract payments for non-lease items e.g. outgoings
  • Integrated with My Portfolio
  • API exports from Accurait®


Client Testimonial

"We are happy to recommend Leaseinfo Lease Capitaliser to those clients who need a tool to help them with the IFRS /AASB 16 calculations."