Revolutionary lease contract
management driven by AI.

Accurait's artificial intelligence 'AI' cloud-based solution is an Australasian first.
Simply designed to save you real time and money.

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Our solution


Reduce human error and incorrect data as each field is auto-extracted then tagged for verification.


Improve your work productivity; Accurait® swiftly and effortlessly organises your lease contract data.


Control exactly how each contract is digitally processed and standarised to your specific needs.


Your complete lease database exports in handy time-saving formats; CSV, Excel, open API & more…

Track changes

Manage all modifications to lease source data for superior document auditing and quality control.

Source locator

Find, tag and share specific lease clauses quickly and easily via Accurait’s intra-link technology.

Integrated technologies

Handwriting recognition, advanced OCR, error detection and meta data – all in one clever platform.

Machine learning

Accurait’s AI is constantly improving performance over time to deliver you greater efficiencies and results.

Designed specifically for these industries:

Commercial Property
Equipment(coming soon)
Vehicle(coming soon)

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API Integration

Accurait's open API saves you time and money by linking your commercial lease contract data with recognised industry systems, such as My Portfolio.

Standardise your documents

With AI accurary, reliability and speed. you'll turn static PDF's into a standardised, centralised and searchable lease repository, for propmt recall of clause and other data.

Are you IFRS16 ready?

Accurait® helps extract and digitalise key data from lease contracts, ensuring you meet this new global accounting standard by 1st january 2019.

Why choose us?

For over a decade, Leasing Information Systems have built revolutionary Australian lease management technologies. Independent in our innovations, we create powerful solutions that enchance your productivity. Plus, save you time and money.

Our products are trusted by retailers across Australia. Combining accurate data with robust analytics, our clients experience unparalleled market insights, critical decision support and, of course, improved efficiencies.

We're partnering with CSIRO's Data61, Australia's data innovation network, to enhance our technology with the latest machine learning excellence from the nation's leading data scientists.

Together, we're advancing commercial lease management through the precision and speed of Accurait.